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Cooking with Local Honey at the Zebulon Farm Fresh Market

August 10th, 2015 · No Comments

Nothing beats using local honey in your recipes that call for it, especially when you get to prepare a variety of treats on the spot, and seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they enjoy your tasty preparations!

And that’s what we did this Saturday at the Zebulon Farm Fresh Market, it was Honey Bee Day and all our recipes included honey as an ingredient, with five recipes prepared on site at the market including Honey Mustard, Chocolate Honey Sauce, Sesame Honey Cucumber Salad, Honey Fruit Compote, and Honey Balsamic Chicken. The honey we incorporated into our recipes was provided by Baxter’s Bees, we used light, medium, and dark honey, and I have to say it’s some of the best honey we have tasted, I’ve taken several teaspoons since Saturday morning, it’s addicting!

We want to thank Baxter’s Bees for providing the wonderful cornbread as part of the tastings for the Honey-Fruit Compote and the Honey Chocolate Sauce!

Zebulon Farm Fresh Market

Zebulon Farm Fresh Market

Many folks asked for the recipes of the honey preparations we made this Saturday, so I have them linked to the original recipes below along with a PDF printable version for each. The printable PDF versions are the ones that I modified a bit and made at the market.

Golden Nugget Dip (Honey Mustard Sauce)  – Golden Nugget Dip Printable PDF

Honey Chocolate Sauce – Honey Chocolate Sauce Printable PDF

Sesame Honey Cucumber Salad – Sesame Honey Cucumber Salad Printable PDF

Honey Spiced Fruit Compote – Honey Spiced Fruit Compote Printable PDF

Chicken Breast with Honey-Balsamic Glaze – Chicken Breast with Honey-Balsamic Glaze Printable PDF



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