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New Cookbook Pre-Orders Start Now

December 14th, 2021 · No Comments

I’ve been working hard these past few months on ANOTHER book and I’m so delighted to finally share details with you all! If you enjoyed my last book The Easy Creole and Cajun Cookbook: Modern and Classic Dishes Made Simple, I hope you’ll love this one too! I’m excited to announce The Complete Cajun Cookbook: 100 Home-Cooked Bayou Classics!

Cajun food has deep roots in home-style country cooking and the rich heritage of Cajun culture, which combine to create unique flavors you can’t find anywhere else. The Complete Cajun Cookbook makes it simple to capture those flavors in your own kitchen, with detailed instructions for mastering regional cooking techniques and a comprehensive collection of beloved recipes.

Keep an eye out for lots of sneak peeks over the next few weeks!

I would love your support as I launch this new book. You can preorder your copy here:

The Complete Cajun Cookbook: 100 Home-Cooked Bayou Classics
The Complete Cajun Cookbook, Preorder now
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