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New Gas Range Installed

January 5th, 2022 · No Comments

Back in October 2021 Monique ordered us a new Frigidaire Professional 30” Front Control Gas Range with Air Fry from Southern Pipe & Supply in Picayune, MS. It was delivered in early December 2021, but we still needed a gas source, which she ordered from TNT Propane, located in Carriere, MS. The propane needed a tank too, and for our newly installed backup generator we needed it as well. After some project management, Monique was able to get TNT out the Monday before Christmas 2021 to install the propane tank, hook up gas lines to both the generator and the new range, and fill the tank with propane gas. It took Tony and his son at TNT about 3 hours to complete the job in a very professional manner.

The range has been installed since December 19, 2021, and has worked perfectly in many functions, including oven features like baking, convection baking, roasting, convection roasting, and warming settings. The range top burners have been used many times for boiling, sautéing, grilling, braising, and other cooking methods. We are pleased with the new Frigidaire range, just need to test out the air fry function, and includes an air fry tray. It also has an internal thermometer probe that can be used for getting internal temperatures of roasted meats, still need to test out that feature too. The continuous corner to corner grate material is cast iron, and it comes with a cast iron griddle/grill that can be used on the middle oval burners. The 18,000 BTU burner on the right gives me plenty of power to get my water to a boil quickly, or to quickly sauté meats, fish., or vegetables.

New gas range

Cooking with gas!!! I love the new range and oven, gas is my preferred method of stove top and oven cooking. Gas gives you more control to make immediate adjustments to the heat level for an array of stove top uses. When I want to turn the heat down on pan I want it to be immediate, and not have to wait 5 or more minutes for the heat to dissipate, when I want to boil a pot of water I want it to come to a boil in a relatively short period of time, not 30+ minutes.

I hope to never go back to electric oven/stovetop cooking again!

All Hail Gas Cooking!!!

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