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Railroad Dining

February 9th, 2009 · No Comments

One of my other passions is modern day and fallen flag North American railroads and in particular I have admired their heyday of dining service.  During the Golden Age of modern railroads their dining service was the highlight of travel across transcontinental rails. And in this vein I have added a Railroad Dining category to the CCR blog so that research and documentation of the dining heritage of railroads including their menus, recipes and service procedures are included.

I am a member of several online railroad forums and this new project is really an outgrowth of Elliot’s Trackside Diner a thread on the Model Railroader web site, and currently into it’s 8th incarnation. I post a somewhat daily virtual menu based on actual fallen flag railroads menu items and then after about a week or two of putting in embedded HTML table code the mods asked that I stop since it was tying up their site performance.  So I started posting the virtual menu on my own site and it got me to thinking and this is where it has taken me.

And now I would like to announce the christening of my Historical Marker for Railroad Dining history.

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